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ARE YOU READY TO START WALKING 10,000 STEPS A DAY, EFFORTLESSLY? Discover the proven way to leveling up your step count and sustaining it for good.

Join this 7-day challenge and take the first step to transforming your health

Start a New Habit, Build a Healthy Routine and Transform Your Health with 10K Steps A Day

Discover the proven way to leveling up your step count and sustaining it for good. Join us in this challenge and optimize your health today.
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“This was a game changer of a challenge. How you fit this much knowledge, habit change, and empowerment into 7 days is ridiculously impressive.
I gained confidence and a new lifestyle and even managed to lose some weight!”

– Jamie J.

Is the 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge for you?

Tell me if this sounds like you:

Whichever one you are, if you answered YES to any of the above, then this 7-day challenge is definitely for you.

Are you ready to start walking 10,000 steps a day – and transform your health for life?

When you join the 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge, you will:

Daily Challenge Structure

On day 1, you already hit the ground… walking and take your first steps towards 10,000 a day.
You will learn the Zero Resistance Habits method to find a seamless way to introduce a short walk in your daily routine.

There are different types of walking for different benefits for your mind and body. On day 2, you slightly increase your daily step count from day 1 in a very smart way. You learn the strategic moment to take this short walk in order help you control your blood sugar and increase your energy right at that time of the day when it used to dip – but no longer.
Breaking down your daily steps into short walks can have a superior advantage to how many years you will live and how well you will live them.
On day 3, you continue to slowly increase your daily steps towards 10K. And now you learn how to find the best moments of the day that maximize the longevity benefits you get from walking. This is so bold that it can give you several extra years of vibrant health.
Only a few things can improve your cognitive performance as walking can. On day 4, you understand what science has discovered in this field and learn how to increase your creativity, problem solving skills, and learning capacity by 20% and get better results at work as you walk.
Walking is one of the best strategies to support your body to lose fat. On this day, you learn about the 4 pillars of sustainable fat loss and how to use the habit you’re already building to synergyze with them and make fat loss easy like a walk in the park.
This is the day that you put your goal of 10K steps a day in perspective. You discover a surprising truth about the science behind 10K steps a day and understand how to be flexible with the practice of walking so that you can turn this 10K goal into a lifelong habit.
On day 7, you reach your mark of 10K steps a day for the first time. That’s a big reason to celebrate. Now that you have put everything in place to make this a lifelong habit you are ready to decide your next step towards your most vibrant health. On this day, you learn the Body Talk technique that thousands of people who have been coached by Ronan say it’s their most powerful tool to actually achieve the goals they set for their health going forward.

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Meet Your Coach
Ronan Diego

Ronan Diego is Mindvalley’s most published author. His specialty is in designing optimal science-based protocols that create quantum leaps in human health and wellness.

As the creator of HoloBody—a holistic health transformation program that has already certified more than 1,000 coaches around the world—Ronan is passionate about helping people develop a healthy lifestyle that they actually love.
Through his signature method, his students are able to integrate the mind-body connection so strongly that people experience a permanent transformation in their health, their performance, and even their longevity.
As the author of some of Mindvalley’s top-rated programs (like 10X Fitness and Beyond Fasting), Ronan is also a frequent speaker at international events like TEDx, Mindvalley U, A-Fest, and LifePlugin.
With this challenge, he hopes to impact as many lives as possible by teaching everyone the secrets to transforming their health for good—one step at a time.

What People Say About RONAN

“I learned a lot from Ronan about nutrition, sleep…”

I learned a lot from Ronan about nutrition, sleep (although I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry) and the results came quickly. [Thanks to his programs] I changed my perspective and workout routine which led me to transform my body in 6 months to the one I dreamt of my whole life, with unlimited energy which made me so happy, proud of my body, feeling sexy and overall amazing

- Aviram Trachtenberg

“I am immensely grateful because what I learnt will last for life.”

Ronan taught me in a very playful and creative way, how to develop new healthy eating habits for the rest of my life. Learning to eat well without compromising its pleasures is one of the greatest gifts of life. I am immensely grateful because what I learnt will last for life. Thank you, Ronan.

- Alexis Rotenberg

“Ronan always rocks with his advice, he never stops to amaze me with his health & fitness knowledge.”

I’m a Super Fan of Ronan Diego. Every lesson delivers a high value content. I achieved to meltdown stubborn fat, my mind is more alert during the day and at night my restful sensation improved by doing fasting. I am Feeling Mentally and Physical Powerful and I can feel that my body is appreciating this effort that I am doing Ronan always rocks with his advice, he never stops to amaze me with his health/fitness knowledge.

- Nadya Veliz

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What People Say About the challenge

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