• The 21-Day Abundance Challenge ($1,190 Value)
  • The 21-Day Unstoppable Confidence Challenge ($1,239 Value)
  • The 21-Day Healthy Living Challenge ($1,190 Value)
  • The 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge ($1,239 Value)
  • The 7-Day 10K Steps a Day Challenge ($484 Value)


We hear you. Investing yourself is always a deeply personal decision, and it’s one only you can make. That said, our $199 membership is for an annual subscription to the I Challenge You platform. Aside from boiling down to roughly $16/month, the incredible value of our membership is two-fold. 

First, you get access to ALL of our challenges (along with their respective communities and bonuses) that are usually $99 per challenge. And secondly, we will be adding AT LEAST 10 more challenges in the coming year alone at no extra cost to you. By locking in this launch price now, you’ll get way more value and making your investment worthwhile.

I Challenge You as a platform is built around challenges for a reason: they’re highly action-driven frameworks to get the most results in the least amount of time. Along with drip-learning where lessons will only be unlocked everyday, you only need 20 minutes a day to listen to these videos and actually apply them.

Definitely! We already have about 10 challenges lined up for 2022 from some seriously exciting teachers. And the best thing about this is that as long as you lock in your membership now at our launch price, you’ll be able to access ALL this new content for the year at no additional cost to you. 

So if you thought this membership was worth it now, wait until you see what the rest of 2022 has in-store! This is the lowest price it will ever be since we’ve just launched, so if you’d like to join us, now is the best time to do it. 🙂

All video lessons per challenge will be hosted on Teachable where you will get immediate, full access upon enrollment. Each challenge will direct you to the external links in order to become a member of our private Facebook communities per challenge.