relationship Challenge

  • More than 24 video trainings and four intro videos from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
  • Four NICER meditations ($98 value)
  • Four hypnotic audios ($98 value)
  • One root cause meditation ($49 value)
  • Three Pre-Recorded Q&A calls ($697 value)
  • A thriving community ready to help you along this path (Invaluable)


The 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge is based on Marisa’s own unique method of hypnotherapy. This method goes beyond traditional hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to get to the root cause of limiting beliefs, which helps participants uncover, overcome, and replace them for powerful, lasting change.
This challenge has the power to deliver amazing results. By listening to the audios, watching the videos, and taking the actions each day, our challenge-takers experience a difference and see noticeable results by the end of the 21 days (results are not typical).
There’s no need to put in endless hours of work. Even just setting aside 20 minutes per day is enough to watch the videos and listen to the audios.
The mind learns by repetition, so by repeatedly listening to the powerful words and messages of the audios, our minds can rewire for success.
As humans, we all want the same things—safety, connection, fulfillment, and love. This challenge helps reinstall the beliefs that make them a reality. Marisa put everything she’s learned and studied through her three-decade-long career into the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge, helping participants create the extraordinary relationships they’ve always wanted.
We want everyone to feel secure and confident in their purchase, so every student is eligible for a 10-day money-back guarantee. If the program doesn’t meet expectations in any way at all, we will refund you in full. Just remember that millions of people have tried Marisa’s programs and loved them, so there’s a high chance this experience will be the same.